Легенда о храбром да гарне

Аниме — Легенда о Храбром Да-Гарне (ТВ) (Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn) 1992 Отзывы

01. Messenger from Earth
02. The Youth who became the Commander
03. Search for the Stone of Brave
04. Storm of the South Pole
05. Grave of the Dinosaurs
06. The Eight Braves
07. Sending out Redlon
08. Battle of the Southern Seas
09. Present from Redlon
10. Fatal blow! Integration of the Union
11. Attack of the Space Plants
12. Spy of the Street Corner
13. Fireflies in the midst of the Forest
14. Date with Dokidoki Pink!
15. Secret of the Circus
16. Which one is Doubtful?!
17. Sabres is dead?!
18. Revived! The Brave
19. Pegasus Saver appears
20. Pitcher, the last Challenge
21. Cat that lurks in the Night
22. The lost article is Director
23. The Dancing Spy Doll
24. The Torned Continent
25. The Brave, Kilimanjyaro
26. The Street that has been Sealed
27. The Commander is being Investigated
28. My Friend is the Witch?!
29. Revived! Da Garn P
30. The Myterious Youth
31. Another Commander
32. Redlon`s Counterattack
33. The Relics have been Targeted
34. A Commander`s Qualification
35. Hear the Song of the Earth
36. The Legend that has been kept a Secret
37. Our Planet
38. Duel! Red Geist
39. The Big Lander has been taken away
40. Reunion in the Jungle
41. Approaching! Plant Orbs
42. Appeared! Power of the Lengend
43. Commander, what is your command!
44. Battle on Planet Orbs
45. Desperation of the Earth
46. To the Future of Wind

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